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Fall term charges will be allowed September 19 - October 5, 2016

If the Financial Aid office still needs paperwork from you, you must submit that paperwork before charging items at the Bookstore. If eligible to charge, you are receiving a line of credit from the college to make purchases at the Bookstore. The amount charged will be deducted from your Financial Aid disbursement. If your financial aid is revoked for any reason, you will be responsible for paying back any charges made at the Bookstore. Not all students are eligible for this program.

YOUR STUDENT ID CARD IS REQUIRED FOR BOOKSTORE CHARGES.Your student ID and signature are needed at the cash register. You may not authorize anyone else to charge to your account or charge over the telephone.Distance education students may order online during the charge period.

BRING YOUR CLASS SCHEDULE WITH YOU TO THE BOOKSTORE.Textbooks are self-serve and arranged alphabetically by academic department. You might consider going to class first before purchasing textbooks. It is your responsibility to make sure you select the correct items. Check your class syllabus to verify the author and title and if the textbook is required or optional. Many classes require two or more textbooks. Please ask for assistance if you need help.

YOU MAY CHARGE MORE THAN JUST TEXTBOOKS. In addition to textbooks, you may charge school supplies, art supplies, backpacks, calculators, USB drives and many other academic items in stock at the Bookstore. Food, beverages and logo items are not eligible to be charged to your account.

ALL RETURNS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY YOUR ORIGINAL CASH REGISTER RECEIPT. Should you drop a class and need to return textbooks purchased at the KCC Bookstore, any refunds will be credited to your account. The last day to drop classes and return Fall term books will be Friday, September 30.  No cash refunds for financial aid transactions.

THE FALL TERM CHARGE PERIOD WILL END ON OCTOBER 5, 2016. After the financial aid charge period, the Bookstore will continue to accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover card and personal checks (with KCC student ID) for purchases.

**Please note: ADVANCED DIPLOMA STUDENTS (5th year high school students) are not eligible to charge through the financial aid program. Students participating in the advanced diploma program will be provided with required textbooks only - no school supplies. Books must be returned to the sponsoring high school and may not be sold back during textbook buyback.**